We believe that business is the world’s greatest platform for change.

We’re leveraging our technology, our people, and our influence to improve the state of the world. We’re guided by our values and commitment to serving a broader set of stakeholders. Every year we produce this comprehensive Stakeholder Impact Report so that key stakeholders can stay informed and track our progress.

What is stakeholder capitalism?

A system in which corporate purpose is based on a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders — customers, employees, partners, communities, the planet, and society — rather than just shareholders. 


annual social value in donated and discounted technology

1.5 C

science-based target to limit global temperature rise


in grants to help young people reach their full potential


new jobs expected between 2019 and 2024 by Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners

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Quality Education

We believe equality starts with education. When students are engaged in learning they blaze trails towards a brighter future. Our public education investments, such as Circle the Schools and Australian Schools Plus, aim to help students thrive in tomorrow's workplace. We provide purpose-built technology for education to support learners from anywhere.

Gender Equality

It’s our responsibility to further Equality for All. We strive to create a workplace that reflects our diverse communities and empowers everyone to bring their full selves to work. We are committed to equal pay for equal work and conduct an annual pay assessment to adjust salaries. To elevate the conversation around gender equality, we host an annual Trailblazing Women Summit.

Affordable and
Clean Energy

Our commitment to 100% renewable energy means purchasing renewable energy credits equivalent to the amount of power we use in our global operations every year. It also means creating a future in which clean energy powers all the communities where we operate. Read our report More Than a Megawatt.

Decent Work and
Economic Growth

Salesforce is committed to workforce development through a set of diverse programs to ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities of the future by creating and supporting career pathways for all.

Salesforce Ventures is uniquely positioned to catalyze the growth of companies that are building products and solutions to benefit society. The Impact Fund invests in companies that drive positive societal impact by addressing challenges like workforce development. 


Succeed for your business.
Succeed for the world.

Salesforce and Accenture expand their partnership to help companies
embed sustainability in the core of their business.

Learn how to create more responsible AI.

Remove bias from your data and algorithms to create ethical AI systems at your company.

Pledge 1% of equity.

Demonstrate your commitment to social impact by ensuring that your company has the financial resources to build a more positive future.

Empower Employees to Act.

Turn your employees into citizen philanthropists by empowering them to give back and make change with Philanthropy Cloud.

Accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals trail.

Learn about the value of the SDGs and what you can do to advance them.

Start planting with the Digital
Tree Tracker.

Track our progress to support and mobilize the conservation, restoration, and growth of 100 million trees by 2030.

Launch a career in tech with Trailhead Military.

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