Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and teacher, is coming to Salesforce Live: Asia this week for our Marketing Trailblazers episode. Sharing his vision on the future of marketing, Seth will outline strategies, tools, and skills that marketing teams of the future will need to have. This episode is a must-see for marketers. 

Seth regularly speaks at TED Talks and advises brands to be more human in the way they interact with customers. He is also an avid blogger and podcaster, with a significant following online who tune in to hear his insights on marketing. 

Many companies have made giant steps forward with their digital transformation projects. This episode is a timely reminder for marketing Trailblazers to always keep an eye out for what comes next.


What today’s customers expect from companies

We know that the new normal for marketing is customer engagement that starts with digital. Our State of the Connected Customer research shows that 60% of all customer interactions now happen online. Companies are becoming more sophisticated in how they market to customers, with the use of artificial intelligence up by 186% in 2020. 

Customers are changing the way they think about companies and now expect them to play a greater role in society than ever before. Around 60% of customers say that last year they stopped buying products or services from a company whose values didn’t agree with theirs. They also actively switched to a company with values that were more closely aligned. 

What you say as a brand and when and how you say it are critical for marketing success in this digital age. At Salesforce Live: Asia, we’ll talk about how to stay ahead of changing customer expectations.


How Sephora personalises beauty through marketing technology

Sephora, the global leader in beauty and marketing innovation, will also be joining us at Salesforce Live: Asia.

We will hear from Amrita Balaji, Senior Manager of Marketing Technology at Sephora in Southeast Asia. Her team helps the business grow by building scalable and automated marketing solutions using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Their mission is to keep the customer experience at the forefront of everything they build. 

Prior to 2020, Sephora had many customers that had only visited their retail stores to buy their beauty products. The brand is well known for being bold, vibrant, and colourful, and provides a highly engaging and personalised experience in-store. The marketing technology team wanted to help these customers make a smoother transition to ecommerce. 

Join this episode to hear how Sephora used Journey Builder to develop personalised customer journeys as part of their ecommerce onboarding experience. These online journeys guide customers in the same way that an in-store Beauty Advisor would do, creating a familiar experience for customers. 

Personalised marketing to the right people at the right time in the right way is the future of modern marketing. We hope stories from Trailblazers like Sephora will inspire you to continue finding ways to become closer to your customers.


To hear from Seth Godin, Sephora, and other leaders in marketing, register and tune in on 17 June for Episode 5 of Salesforce Live: Asia.